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Kiwi IRC - A hand-crafted IRC client

Kiwi IRC is a fully featured IRC client that can be extended to suit almost any needs. Using the web application is extremly simple even without any IRC knowledge as all the common needs are built directly into the UI.

For more information see or an example of the application can be found at


  1. Download the Kiwi source or clone the git repository:

    $ git clone && cd KiwiIRC

  2. Install the dependancies and make sure the client code is built:

    $ npm install

    $ node client/assets/dev/build.js

  3. Copy and edit the configuration file as needed:

    $ cp config.example.js config.js

    $ nano config.js


From the source folder: $ ./kiwi start

You can also run kiwi in the foreground to see any output by using the -f flag. Eg: $ ./kiwi -f

Open your new Kiwi instance in your browser. By default: http://localhost:7778/


Report bugs using the issue tracker on github:


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The KiwiIRC logo credited to Michael Drahony (

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